farahbean style

All dressed up!
Freshwater baroque pearl necklace and bracelet
Layering up!
We love you Jen! farahbean was well represented at this grad party!
African Vinyl/turquoise/pendants
Thank you, dapper Kyle!
White suede with quartz
Booby loaded up with turquoise
Pearls with one of a kind crosses made from petrified walrus tusks (made in AK) 
A store owner pulls  inventory for her store
Suede lariat
Two men's farahbean bracelets
Men's leather bracelet
Vintage Ethiopian crosses show with our suede tassels
Braided suede lariat with freshwater pearl tassel
Long layering piece with a simple t-shirt 
Pearls hand tied on leather with shed antler


Booby in her early years

Suede lariat 
African Vinyl
Heading to the Arabian horse show in Scottsdale: diamonds, pearls and horn
We love our Minnesota Vikings
Hubei turquoise 
Hubei turquoise, horn, crystal quartz
braided leather, turquoise, antler and horn bracelet
Easy to wear necklaces