Customer Reviews

Christmas gift 2020
"Olivia adores her farahbean horse necklace! It's so cute I can't stand it! I love it so much! She feels pretty proud to have a "grown up" piece of jewelry. Thanks for putting so much heart into this. She'll have it forever. "-CT
"Felines love Felines, When it comes to Chanel only the best Cat will do"-ST
"My little go to bag on the road"- NS
Out on Woodhill golf course
20th Birthday Gift
"Thank you so much! Your work is beautiful and you made shopping so easy! I will definitely be reaching out again for more pieces!" - Julie Z

Dear Kristi and Stephanie,

I enjoyed meeting both of you. I had fun looking at all your pretty pieces. 

It’s been awhile since I worked selling very high end jewelry...the store closed, my job ended & it’s been a rough year with family members passing away. 

So looking at beautiful things makes me happy again! girls were so nice to me, you genuinely care for your customers recommending the best for each one of us with admiration. 

Thank you & enjoy your time in Boulder🌸


Colorado Springs, CO


"You really are great to work with, I appreciate the level of customer service. It truly is refreshing. I sometimes feel like customer service is a thing of the past. Have a great day!!" - J.B. Omaha, Nebraska